KIN PerioKIN Gel


An adhesive oral antiseptic gel is used following dental procedures or as a soothing treatment for oral infections and mouth ulcers.



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PerioKIN Gel provides effective antiseptic treatment to gums due to the 0.2% Chlorhexidine found in the product. Chlorhexidine is the antiseptic of choice in dentistry as it gives the best results.

Chlorhexidine is the preferred short-term treatment in gum disease to tackle the bacteria causing gingival tissue damage. The gel is bio-adhesive which means that it attaches to the gum tissue and gives its beneficial effect over a prolonged period, making it a soothing and highly effective gum treatment option.

The antiseptic effect is often also desired following dental procedures, to protect the wound from harmful bacteria and prevent the development of infections. The gel offers a targeted approach, allowing the treatment to be placed exactly where it is needed.

PerioKIN Gel can be recommended in a variety of cases such as:

  • Treatment and prevention of gum disease
  • Spot treatment of infected periodontal pockets in patients with severe gum disease.
  • Pain relief in erupting wisdom teeth (pericoronitis).
  • Prevention of complications following dental implant placement and oral surgeries.
  • Prevention of complications following tooth extractions.
  • Resolving mouth ulcers

This gel is Alcohol-free and Gluten-free.

  1. Apply the gel after brushing teeth and using PerioKIN Mouthwash, to avoid disrupting the gel once it is in place.
  2. Apply the gel after meals, and once the gel is applied wait 30 minutes before consuming any food or drinks.
  3. The gel can be applied 2-3 times daily.
  4. Use for 1-2 weeks.
  5. Apply the gel directly from the applicator, with an extra-soft toothbrush or using a cotton bud.
  6. If applying the gel between the teeth, interdental brushes may also be used.
  7. Night-time application is the most effective.

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