KIN KIN Interdental Mini

6 pcs

Ideal for removing bacterial plaque and food debris that accumulate in interdental spaces 1.1 mm wide. 



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KIN Interdental brushes are an important adjunct to the regular toothbrush when performing one’s daily oral hygiene routine. Interdental brushes are essential to reach hard-to-reach spaces between the teeth that are usually missed by both manual and electric toothbrushes. 

The angled handle and high quality Tynex® filaments make the brushes efficient in removing plaque and food debris from between teeth. 

Interdental brushes can be used by anyone. These can be used either together with, or instead of dental floss, to achieve a complete cleaning of the teeth and gums during tooth brushing. 

The KIN Mini Interdental Brush (yellow) is ideal for removing bacterial plaque that accumulates in spaces between the teeth (also called interdental spaces) of 1.1 mm.

The best way to find out the best interdental brush size is to ask your dentist to measure this for you in the clinic during your next visit. 

Interdental cleaning (cleaning between the teeth) should be performed daily, to avoid bacterial plaque build-up in hard-to-reach spaces and to prevent gum disease. 

Right after brushing your teeth, it's time to clean the spaces between them:  

1. Pass the interdental brush head through the space between the teeth, making movements from the outside to the inside.

2. Repeat the same procedure making back and forth movements, this time from the inner side of the tooth. Avoid turning the brush so as not to cause damage to the gum. 

3. Do this same operation in all the interdental spaces, starting with the molars and working your way towards the incisors. Repeat in both the upper and lower rows of teeth. 

4. Finish by rinsing with a fluoride containing mouth rinse to remove food debris and dental plaque that become dislodged. 


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